My husband has been getting angry over the siliest things lately and yelling about them in front of our 7 month old. I've tried repeatedly to get him to stop yelling in front of him, I don't want to stress him out or cause any developmental problems what do I do?


Cecilia - posted on 02/01/2013




It sounds as if this is a new thing, him yelling i mean. So maybe he is stressed out.when your husband is calm and not yelling explain to him that the yelling bothers you. Sit down talk about how he is. Maybe he just isn't dealing with dadhood as well as he thought he would.

If it is stress make a plan to help him put his own stress elsewhere. Maybe install a punching bag somewhere in the house. Maybe letting him go out every wednesday[or which ever night works out for both of you] night to go do what ever he wants (go watch a game, go to a bar, go bowling, ect)

I know us mommies feel like no one cares that we are stressed also.. But wouldn't you appreciate if someone offered to help us take some stress off? Or to even realize we are stressed?

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