My husband has been laid off again...I have older children and am 50 years old...I am so tired and


Ponelope - posted on 08/12/2012




Get as much sleep as possible at times like this its probley one of the best things you can do ...:) also i know it dosent make alot but it should give you some money witch is better than nothing:

Have a car wash get your kids over to your house and have a car wash charge 10$ a car ... Its not much but if you do your street thats about 100$ !

Offer babysitting take care of your neighbors kids for the night 5 dollars an hour per kid = if they have 3 kids thats 15 per hour. If they go out for dinner and a movie thats 5 hours 5x15= 75$$ just for having a little fun with some kids

Hope this helped a little :)

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