My Husband Has narcoleptic epilepsy and wants a BABY!!!!

Kayla - posted on 12/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay, I wanted to join this group to get advice on this situation...
My husband has had Nocturnal grand-mal seizures since the age of about 17. He's 30 now. For the most part, it's controlled with 600mg of Zonigran and recently (after having 2 in one day )Depikote. They do not know why he has seizures. They are solely triggered by: exhaustion, If he goes RIGHT back to sleep after waking up, Stress, and of course forgetting to take meds. Lights and other things don't bother him..
We have been together 5 years and married for 4 of those. Our Nephew was born earlier this year and has put the baby craze in full force...We have had our "fur-baby" for 3 years and he's done good with her..
What I'm most concerned with is: How will he handle having a live crying baby... that won't sleep through the night, and God forbid it to have Colic... I would very much so love a baby, but I'm afraid of causing my husband's health to dwindle. I work full time, so he would pretty much need to be the care taker for the most part (his job is flexible). He's also a traveling musician..
Tell me, those who have babies with a spouse with epilepsy... To have a baby, or wait?


Jenny - posted on 12/13/2013




Hi, This is a tuff situation my Ex-husband had Epilepsy starting at age of 8 yrs old. We were told by doctors that the probability to have a chld with issues was very low. That its more likely to have a child with issues with the mother having a seizure disorder. Well my son was born healthy and at age two started having seizures. I would never tell anyone not to have a baby but, to make sure you think everything through first speak to several doctors and specialist first. It is very very heart wrenching dealing with a child (baby) that has seizures my son was having up to eight a day ended up on three different medications the fullest strength that his small body could handle. I spent almost every morning for many years dealing with this. And many nights in hospitals since his seizures were so bad. Just be sure

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