my husband has recently started doing drugs again

Shaheda - posted on 08/11/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




This problem has been going on since December 2012 however last year he decided to get professional help. He was doing well up until a fee weeks ago when he started using again, he has lied about it and only came clean when I asked him to get money out of his account. I don't know what to do anymore as I have tried my best to support him however he refuses to talk to me about it!


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Sarah - posted on 08/12/2015




He needs to get back into treatment. You cannot have an addict living in your home. It is quite possible that after treatment he will need to a sober living environment. No matter how much you love and trust or trusted him, if he is using, he will step over your dead body to get to his next fix. Protect yourself and your finances. If you have joint accounts, take as much money as you can out and open a private account. Keep your jewelry at a friends house, cancel all but one credit card and watch it closely. Change your account passwords. If he has been managing the money, you need to take over. Someday, hopefully he will get clean and rejoin you and regain your trust. Until then you have to be smart. Contact your local Families Anonymous group, you will find great support from those people as they have walked in your shoes.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/11/2015




Simple. Tell him that he either gets and stays clean, or you will file for divorce and primary custody, and request supervised visitation.

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