My husband has smoked weed for 30 years and is very ill.

Laina - posted on 02/22/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok so it's hard for me to admit this but what a fool I have been over the years.My name is Laina and I have two grown up daughters Rebecca & Jessica ,I also have two grandchildren Sophie and Lucas.My husband is ray and when I first married him he was addicted to heroin he got clean from that and has never touched it since, he had a very unhappy childhood both parents alcoholics did not care about him or his two brothers always being left t o fend for themselves Ray being the youngest.Rebecca and Jessica have had an awful childhood for which I feel so guilty I should have divorced ray years ago.I am 55 shortly and ray will be 60 in September,he keeps losing jobs because of his addiction to weed I work full time and I keep having to touch our savings to make ends meet.Ray has just told me this weekend after another angry fight that he wants half the house half of my inheritance from my parents and half of my pension he then wants to go to New Zealand to be on his own.My eldest Rebecca is so annoyed and said what about his grandchildren tell him to go and not bother coming back.I know half of what he says he doesn't mean but it hurts so much and I think he has issues with his past but surely I have given him 2 beautiful daughters he has grandchildren now all that should be in the past now and he should be looking foreword to being a proper grandad because he wasn't a father as he was never there.Maybe I have just been scared of what people may think and being left on my own I really don't know I have the support of my daughters they both think I have a right to know what he spends his money on,he does give me housekeeping when he works but I have to put it aside for when he is out of work as he is out of work more than in work.He causes so many rows because of his mood swings and he has lost two of his closest friends because of this,I just wondered if anyone out there knows what I am going through he stays in the garage all night as I won't allow it in the house then sleeps on the couch and gets in bed about 5or 6 in the morning weekends are worse because it is just session after session especially when he has been working to be honest I do love him but he bores me because we have got no life.

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