My husband hates his job!

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My husband and I have been married over five years and have made four beautiful babies together, the fourth of which is due around the 23rd of Sept. We've had a very blessed life that I would never trade! I love him so much it makes me feel weird sometimes (lol!) and I know he feels the same way about me!

Growing up my dad and both my grandfathers worked construction, now that my brothers are grown one of the two does as well, it's a industry and business I know well. I just always knew I'd marry a man who did it as well, and low! My husband has worked construction with his dad since he was old enough to walk! He's always enjoyed it, but the industry has changed a lot even in the last two years and he comes home every day feeling depressed, unfulfilled, and pathetic. Although he's enjoyed construction, it was never what he REALLY wanted to do. He's always wanted to be a police man, and I know he'd be a good one! So this September he enrolled in a law enforcement class hoping it will help him get into the field a bit sooner (we've known other men who have tried seven + years to get in).
I'm excited for him, I desperately want him to do what will make him happy, but I'm also scared. September is going to be very busy. My husband will be starting school, our oldest child is also starting school, AND, as I said earlier, our fourth baby is due to arrive around the 23rd. Our two middle children will be four and 17 months by Sept. and when I think about September I get nervous. I don't handle stress the greatest and think this fall is going to be stressful.

Has anybody been in a similar situation? Will this be as hard as I think or was not as bad as you thought? Is there anybody who has done it with no help, as I have no one in our town to help me. I don't know our neighbours well enough to feel comfortable asking for help, and all our families live 20+ minutes away and they all work.


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Charlene - posted on 02/24/2010




It will be fine. You love each other and are all doing what makes you happy. Stress is part of being a parent and 4 kids way to go :) I have 2 - 11 and 2 years can't imagine. 20 minutes really isn't that far. It may not be easy but you will be fine. My husband is a long haul truck driver he was gone 300 days total the year after our second child was born you do what you have to :)

Sharon - posted on 02/24/2010




Sometimes you make short term sacrifices for the longterm gain.

You'll have to put up with some hardship but remember that the gain at the end is for the better.

My husband wanted to try a new industry. It meant a financial hardship for us. It meant a long commute for him too. We sucked it up and he found a job he ENJOYED. It made a difference for our family.

20 min away means nothing for us. Our nearest town is 20 min away. Nearest family is 40 min away. But they still found ways to help out.

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