My husband is allowing our 14 year old son to stay the night at his girlfriends house, I say no and he says yes and fights me about it all the time. we know that they have had sex, what should I do??


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Smack your husband in the head and ask him what is wrong w/ him. Does he WANT a grandchild right now? I get that some teens are going to have sex no matter what you do, but his move here is telling his son that there is nothing wrong at all w/ having sex at 14.

Have you both talked to your son about protection? If not, that should be your next step. Bring pictures of what STD's can to to him. Also bring pictures of cute little babies and lists of all the things they need... and the costs of those things. Then ask him if he's ready for all that and more.


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Jennifer - posted on 06/27/2011




Depending on the state you are in, sex with a 14 year old is illegal as a 14 year old can not consent and anyone contributing to this by allowing a sleepover could be considered an accomplice to this crime. You might want to mention this to your husband and also to the girls mother. Obviously these two need to understand that a child is not able to consent to sexual relations and that THEY are responsible. The girls mother is especially responsible because she is allowing it to happen under her roof with her consent and knowledge.

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Start playfully poking at your husband about the two of YOU having another baby. When he freaks out defensive ready to tell you NO....interrupt him to tell him that your son is about to bring a baby home.
Other than that...
WHUT TERESA SAID. Educate the child!

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