My husband is disinterested in me. He does not kiss or hug me or makes loves to me as he used like before my pregnancy or in my pregnany and my daughter is 16 months old. If we make love 1 time a month consider me lucky. When I get cuddly, kiss, hug him, touch him, initiate the mood for the act he rejects me and refuse me. Another thing he pays more attention and shows more love towards our daughter then in me. He says that I am doing a terrible job at being a mother. He criticize my cooking, food and how I take care my daughter. When I tell him that I want another child he refuse the idea. He is wonderful father. Is he interested in another woman? Or is because I am fat that he does not want me? Is it possible to be jealous of my very own daughter? Because I feel that she taking her father from me because he gets more worried about her then in me.


Michelle - posted on 01/16/2013




These are questions you really should be asking him We have no idea why he is acting this way.

If he won't talk to you then maybe go to marriage counselling and see if you can work on your marriage.

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