my husband is more for his mom than me

Lauren - posted on 06/29/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




my husband is on the phone with his mother every day, every morning on his way to work during the day and in the evening, they (sometimes his dad - cos he and his dad works together), will phone home in the evening. on a Saturday he goes there, sometimes he helps his father with work then he gets back the evening, and when I moan he just say why must I go on. I read from his messages to his mother, she told him I have a problem.

a while ago, I caught him on chatrooms with girls(its not the first time), I confronted him, and I was at a point that I threw him out of the house (he cheated on me last year), we tried again, and it was just it for me, I went on like mad in the house and he was on the phone with his mom texting how I am going on, all he said was he don't have friends, but friends that is on girls room sites, modelling in short dresses and he giving numbers. I been thru it before and I just felt this is it. he was just texting his mother saying how I was going on. So we separated for a week and he was asking to come back and we now said we will get councelling. what upsets me he is constantly on the phone wit his mother every second of the day. its driving me up the wall and I told him im not saying he must not chat to his mother but its like they dnt want me to be his wife. Also, now he says I must go there as normal, I know she is gonna check me cos of me throwing him out, that is why I do not want to go. I just cant get along with them, I feel uncomfortable even his sister, I tried last year to be the WIFE he wants me to be cos he is a family man. But it is wrong to talk about me to his mother every day. and he gets highly upset when I ask him and he tells me y am I going through his phone. we were invited to his cousin's wedding and I don't normally attend his family do's and this time I said yes, I even told him its gonna be uncomfortable to sit there amongst your parents but im doing it for you. now all of a sudden he tells me the same thing, he probably heard his mother said this, he tells me, he not going if I cant make right with his mother,

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