My husband is supplying my 20 year old son with pot

Kelli - posted on 07/25/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm heartbroken by the knowledge of my son smoking pot let alone my husband now supplying him. My brilliant athletic son told me last year he was feeLing anxious alot. He got a scholarship to play baseball at an ivy league school and failed at
It. Mental health issues RUN in my husband's family. My feeling is my husband is trying to "bond" since he hasn't been close to him. I can't live with this in anyway. My husband is also a functioning alcoholic, who just got out of the hospital for a bleeding esophagus! He's turning my son into an addict. I also have a younger son. I'm beyond upset that my husband smoked in the house with my oldest. What kind of sicko does this? I told my son I wnot condone illegal drug use. I would take him to a psychiatrist if he needs help. I'm not sure I can stay married at this point. I'm so livid! This isn't the only issue I have with my husband but this is the last straw. Does anyone relate to this chaos?


Michelle - posted on 07/25/2015




I would be leaving yesterday!!!
Why don't you report your husband to the police? I wouldn't be happy if I was in the same situation. My ex is an alcoholic and it's sad when you 10/11 yo says they aren't going to drink beer when they are older because they don't want to be an alcoholic like their Father.
I unfortunately do shared care with him so my boys are with him 50% of the time. All I can hope is that they see my current husband and myself being responsible with alcohol.
You need to do what's right for your children and yourself.

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