My husband never stands united with me when I discipline our teen son.

Mindy - posted on 12/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I both grew up in very different households. His parents(my hubby) stayed at home and did everything under the sun for him. My parents both worked a lot and I had to do most things for myself. I was also an only child. I took on the responsibilities of the house because my parents worked so much, even though I was in school myself. I had hoped that when the teenage years came for my son, my husband and I would have such different experiences to pull from that we should be able to find a good medium. However; I am always the disciplinarian and my husband will openly disagree with me in front of our son. He does this most of the time. It is as if my husband is trying to stand up for my son to me. I don't get it. My husband realizes how his parents doing everything for him harmed him from being independant. My parents had made sure I could take care of myself for the age of 15. My son doesn't drive or even have his permit. I refuse to drive him 1.3 miles to school, but my husband deosn't mind being his driver. So, I guess he can have that. The only things my son does on his own are things I make him do. Like his laundry, keep his room clean, and wash his dishes. Any help would be appreciated as I am at my wits end with what to do. I am doing all this so my son can learn how to be an independant adult, he turns 18 in June, but it always seems like I just don't want to do things for him because of the way my husband reacts. Like this morning my son was late to school for the 8th time. He doesn't go to bed until 2am sometimes. I told my son this morning he was grounded from his video games, computer, and phone. My husband got upset and started making excuses for my son. I think we would do good to get some counseling. UGH!


Dove - posted on 12/03/2015




Yep. Definitely try to get some counseling for the two of you. Even if he won't go, you can go yourself and they might be able to help you figure out a way to reach your husband.

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