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Lauren - posted on 04/08/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Im married to my husband for more than 7 years. he was married before. when I met him they had problems and I told him to sort out his problems. we ended up with each other cos the attraction was there. his parents was not all for that as they tried to try to help them work out their marriage well it didn't work. I was known as the hoar as I was married before too with two kids. my husband and I just carried on. I could never bond with his kids and today only a little bit I know its wrong, he is more close with my son. When they do come its I want him to spend time with his kids and when I do say this its as though I am being funny. when he go visits his parents I just want him to take them so they can feel its their grandparents as my kids see them on a regular basis. I know this wil be an ongoing thing. I thought of divorcing so I can just be myself and my kids. my husband cheated on me not too long ago and when I wanted to leave he cried like a baby. I feel he don't talk to his kids they way talk to mine sometimes, I know he plays the full time daddy. sometimes he swear at mine when he is upset but he is really really good with my kids. but when his kids come he is too scared to talk to them in a daddy way he is scared they will tell on him. we both have teenage daughters, well mine is 16 and his 13 but she think she is 17 already. when she have a mood he sees nothing wrong but when my daughter has it he tell his parents and sisters and they are quik to throw stones.
a few weeks back some family members saw me on a chatline looking for love and I was single on this site apparently.wheni found out it was some pervert who put me on and does this to a lot of people. when his mom asked me I said I don't know of this site it seemed she didn't believe me and he was texted things that I didn't want to hear her out etc. and I feel the more I explained to him he didn't say much and just said giveme theproof. then I wanted to leave him he cried cos I said I am not over the hurt. then his mom called me to say why am I doing this and isit becos he hurt me I want get him back. then his sister say is it because I have a house I have fullpower. I feel it didn't concern her but he didn't do anything to back me up.

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