My husband shot. Himself to the head, he suicide he played Russian rul

Marline - posted on 12/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




After 5 years married and have recently one baby girl he was happy, he had arguments and fights before but we solve it and I have bad temper Bc he works a lot and I miss him so much, after our baby 1st birthday we went vacation for five days when we came back he asked for break and he told me he's miserable with me and feel dark and black and he wants to kill himself if I don't leave, so after fight I left to his brother house and I told his brother that he threaten me he will hurt himself he talked to him and he said he will not do sth like that after 2 days talking to him normal Sunday he went to his best friend house hanging out all day then he went home drinking and calling his friend that he's playing Russian rullet , he did it once and it didn't work his friend told him don't do this ...etc he said ok but second time he did it and died omg he left us alone I blame myself and hate myself I don't know what to do i lost him forever he's 33 years old and left me with our first baby girl, he had everything own house cArs money everything but maybe I didn't know he wasn't happy with me he always quite with me and not open to me

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