My husband threw away my great grandmother's child's rocking chair!

Susan - posted on 11/11/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am so angry. I was away at my mom's this weekend visiting with my two girls. My husband went on a cleaning (disposing rampage). He threw away tons of things. I'll never know what in all, but among the noted items: my great grandmother's rocking chair from when she was a child in Ireland. It was handed down to my grandmother, my mom, me and was for my children. Gone!!! Also my mom's wedding veil that my daughter wore for her 1st communion! He has no respect! I will offer that I do have one room in my house that has become the "catch all room" that I have for a long time wanted to get cleaned out and turn into a useful room for my girls and have not managed to do this. For several years my typical thing has been to get it 3/4 cleaned out, then he moves extraneous things with no home into it. I lose my start and it gets messed up all over again. I can't get it done in one day off, and really have not long stretch of time to do it in. He has long stretches to throw things out when I am away at my parents. Well it's to late. I came home on Monday night and garbage day was this morning. So much gone, and more I don't even know about. I put a lot of important things in there because I figure it was out of the way and I at least know where it is. When things are in the way in the rest of the house, he will usually bag it and either put it in the basement or some other unknown area. I have spent hours and hours searching for things that I figure he put somewhere in the basement or has thrown out and I am searching in vain. I don't know what to do or feel. I guess just stop feeling or caring, I know they are just things, but I do feel violated and the way people must feel when they have a flood or fire. I guess I just give up, stop feeling or caring, and relinquish that I have nothing to me or no part of my home. I guess if I just treat it like I was hired help, go to my job, feed some people, drive some people, do some laundry and that's it, I guess that's the best way to go.

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