My husband told me to get a I becoming a hermit

Alli - posted on 01/20/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a daughter from a previous relationship.. I have raised her alone until I met my husband. we have been together 2 years now and married almost 4 months. I quit my job to help him with his new business.. recently we have been unable to afford daycare so I began staying home with my daughter. Now he said that im becoming a hermit so he wants me to get a job. I don't mind working but I have been out of work for so long now .. I am scared of working for someone else. And by him saying that to me it makes me feel like a failure as a wife and a mother. like I don't have the house clean every day and my daughter is 3 and still not potty trained. I know I am failing, I just don't want to fail at a new job too.
Not only that .. a couple months ago we agreed to start trying to conceive because I have really bad reactions to birth control.. after my daughter I got IUD but found out a few months ago it was imbedded in the wall of my uterus. My doctor wont give my oral BC because I have chronic migraines. we decided to get pregnant again and then I would get my tubes tied but I am scared to have a baby with him. I know I will just end up raising that one alone as well. I am really thinking of getting my tubes tied now but my fear is that im only 23 and my daughter is 3 now. I miss her as a baby but I don't think I really want to go through all of that again.
I know that is a couple things in one but im just wondering if anyone else has been through some of the same thoughts as me.


Sarah - posted on 01/21/2015




It sounds like you guys have some marital issues that need to be worked out. My suggestion to you would not to get pregnant as that does not help the marriage when there are already issues and get some marriage counseling. If you have only been together for 2 years you have not been out of work for that long. Maybe there are some issues you have that need looking at also. Being married for only 4 months it sounds like your issues are much deeper and more serious then a normal 4 month old marriage. I would HIGHLY suggest marriage counseling.

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