My husband VS My son

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Hi Ladies Im really needing some advice on what to do to help both my husband and son get a long with each other. My husband is the step father to my 8 year old son. My husband and I have been together for the past 5 years and for the first year and a half everything with him and my son were great. Until it got to the point my sons biological father couldnt take the fact that we were never getting back together so started saying nasty things about my husband to my son and daughter. My daughter didnt trust my husband for awhile but she soon realised what was being said was not true and now they are very close. As for my son he is the opposite. It has been so hard with my son for the past 3 years especially because he stays week about with us and his biological father, so he is living 2 totally different lifestyles. My son can be such an awesome kid, he has a big soft heart, is gentle and loving and loves to help out and show my husband when hes does great things and always trying to impress him, but he can also be the exact opposite and this is where the conflict starts. Hes rude, disrespectful, damages our home as well as our things and swears so much when he gets told off. I know that this sometimes can be normal for kids that have tantrums but in my case its affecting my marriage and I dont know what to do. My husband is now at his wits end where he now wants to leave because of my son. Hes afraid that one day he may just snap and hurt my son and he doesnt want that to happen so hes pretty much asking me to chose him or my son. PLEASE does anyone have any advise so I dont have to lose either of them. I love them both to bits.

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