My Husbands Ex Refuses To Face Reality With The Kids and Money...

Rachel - posted on 06/04/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and his ex wife have been divorced for a little less than 10 years. We married the year after their divorce. He wrote the divorce papers himself and wanted to be fare about what he gave her to ensure she had everything she needed until the kids turned 18. The kids stayed with us more and more until present time where the youngest lives with us full time. My husband has continued to pay for her house and all the bills. She has enough money left over to do whatever she wants until her next check. She is NEVER satisfied! She complains about EVERYTHING!

She is a huge hypocrite on everything and she always ends her conversation with my husband like this...."God will see me through and everyone will soon see how much of a manipulator you are to the kids and everyone around you!" My husband never says anything to the kids to try to turn them against her but she insists he does. She always complains to the kids of having no money and wanting everyone to feel sorry for her. She has never purchased even clothes for the kids as we have had to take care of all their needs. My husband pays more in child support each month that the average household makes in income.

I feel bad that she bashes my husband all around town like he is a villain when in reality he is doing everything he promised in supporting not only the kids but her as well. Will she ever realize he is a good man and stood by his promises to her? Will this nightmare ever end?


Dove - posted on 06/04/2015




Does he pay the agreed upon court ordered amount? If he is paying her more and more than he legally and morally has to.... that is on him. If the two of you are letting her suck you in to her comments... that is on you. You can not change HER... all you can change is your reaction to her, so ignore her and let it be.

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