My infant stopped sleeping through the night & won't go back to sleep once awake!

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My 4 month old had been sleeping through the night for 3 weeks straight (about 11 hrs, I felt very lucky). Out of nowhere he has started waking up after 5 hrs, and will not go back to sleep unless he is held. We've tried Ferberizing him, but seeing us and then having us disappear seems to make him more upset. We've tried letting him "cry it out" only to have a very upset, shaking, awake infant after an hour. I have tried nursing him, and although he dozes off while nursing, he wakes up as soon as he is done.

He will be fast asleep in our arms but awake as soon as we put him down. He has gone from sleeping 11 hours straight to sleeping 5 hrs, and then up for the rest of the night. He cried the other night from 1:30-5:30. He seems exhausted, but will just not go back to sleep. He is definitely teething, but even Tylenol doesn't help get him comfortable enough to get back to sleep.

I know as babies learn new skills they can have disturbed sleep, and my son has been rolling over recently, but it doesn't seem as though he is rolling in his sleep and waking himself up.

I feel pretty lost on what to do next. I hope he will ougrow this.

Please share your experiences and suggestions.


Katherine - posted on 04/09/2012




They change their sleeping habits. Whether it's growth spurts(needing to eat more) and other things, I don't know. My girls never slept. It was very frustrating! Someone said to turn their bed to the north and they will sleep better. An old wives tale? Maybe. But it may work too.

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