My kid won't eat!! and is losing weight i need help!

Genesis Nicole - posted on 12/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter Lily is about to be 2 this January. I'm getting so frustrated and worried because she refuses to eat almost al the time. doesn't eat the amount my doctors are telling me she should be consuming, it always feels and looks like she's eating a third of what she suppose to be eating. i only offer her healthy yummy snacks as she calls it :) but she wont eat the majority of the time and i'm really starting to worry, because she's been losing weight. For months now she's been what the doctor calls underweight. And i thought at first well her father and I were always small children growing up very petite skinny if u will but she seems super skinny compared to a lot of 2 year old kids i know. Please help me out here I'm losing my cool. I've told myself over and over again it's nothing i will never force my child to eat, because then she will develop and unhealthy eating disorder but my daughter looks like just that and it saddens me to think thats the case here. I', a good cook at that, I've tried to make it fun and everything but still either get thrown on the floor or she just refuses to eat. at that I'm still breastfeeding trying to wean her but she's too attached. I only breastfeed her when i really need to once a day but if she's sick she feels like latching on more often, plus i get negative crritiz all the time from my mother and sister !! which believe me doesn't go right with me. My daughter wont eat right, my daughter is still attached to the breast, my daughter won't use a fork or spoon refuses that as well which drives me insane, throws her food on the floor still. and every time i give her her bowls or plates she flips the food over on her tray!!! so moms/dads/grandparents whatever please help me out. ANY opinions will help! any tricks or tips with be appreciated thanks.


Dove - posted on 12/18/2012




Honestly.... if my almost 2 year old were refusing to eat and losing weight.... I'd be breastfeeding her more. I know you are trying to wean her, but it sounds like she is trying to let you know that she isn't ready.... and that's ok.

That may not be the answer you are looking for, but it's the only one I have to give.

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