My kids are out of state and it is eating me up inside.

Kenneth - posted on 05/12/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok here is the story. I worked for an airline in Naples, FL when we got divorced. In the divorce we had 50/50 joint custody of our 3 sons. Everything was great. Shortly after the divorce the airline I worked for went bankrupt and I lost my job. Two months after the divorce was final my ex was ready to get married and 4 months later did get married. I got a job making significantly less money than I had before and life was pretty rough. I dated a few people then met someone who had 3 children of their own and everything seemed great. I recieved a call from my old boss at the airline I used to work for and he wanted me to come to Greensboro NC to be an Avionics manager for a different airline. Now let me explain when you work on big commercial jets for a living its not like being a teacher or a policemen where you can get a job anywhere. You are very limited on where you can work most of the time a new job means moving. The job I had was not making life easy every month I had to decide what bills were going to get paid and what were not. Also the new airline flew to Miami regularly and I could always get a rental car and drive to Naples to see my sons. So I took the job and was moving to NC. The person I was dating and I decided to get married and move along with me with their 3 children while my 3 boys stayed in FL. Man if I had to do it all over I would have never left. But I did. Six months into the new marriage I was ready for a divorce a year later I moved out. Within less than a year of moving to NC the airline that I worked for went bankrupt and I was out of a job again. However there were several aviation jobs available in the Greensboro area so I stayed employed. I also started paying childsupport for my sons with summer visitation christmas spring break the usual. I worked and saw my kids I always paid my ex directly and not through the state and everything went fine. Then in Feb of 09 my mother passed away from alzheimers in Tulsa Ok where all my family lives. Then soon after the place where I worked layed me off. I couldnt pay childsupport on unemployment. I soon found work in Winston Salem NC and 3 months after working their they went bankrupt and I was still unable to pay childsupport because I worked 6 weeks without getting paid. I then was on unemployment again. I then was given a job offer in Memphis TN. I took the job moved to Memphis where I know no one. My new boss was by far the worst boss I have ever worked for, If he had interviewed me I would not have taken the job. Oh and my ex had moved my sons to Ft Leonard Wood, MO where my ex's spouse was stationed in the army. I had flying benefits with this job and I could fly my sons to Memphis for free and I did and it was great. Just as I had found an apartment in Memphis my ex had turned the childsupport case over to the state of Missouri. I had childsupport taken out of my check which was fine but I would have rather continued to pay my ex directly. Well shortly after getting settled in Memphis my car broke down and needed a new engine. The company I had worked for in Greensboro had called me back off of lay off and with the boss from hell I moved back to Greensboro. I payed my childsupport and saw my children as often as I could. Oh and in the separation agreement I was to provide all transportation 14 hour drive to MO and back. Well I worked in greensboro and things were fine till I had legal issues FAA related with the company I worked for and a Southwest Airlines jet I worked on friday monday morning had to make an emergency landing with a 3 foot hole in the top of it. I wasnt going to wake up to hearing about 250 people dying on an airplane I had worked on so I quit. I then was not paying childsupport for about 3 months and then I got a job with Boeing in charleston, sc. It was great but from working 14 days on and 2 days off for a year and a half working big brother boeing I had had enough. While at boeing I payed my child support and was able to even pay some of my back childsupport. I then took a job in Winston Salem NC for a new company and things were great. I payed childsupport I personally taught a whole crew of mechanics but the company turned out to be a family monarchy and politics had me out. I was tired of being away from my family in Oklahoma and my sons had moved from Mo back to florida except my oldest who was in the national guard and working and living by his self in Mo. I got a job in Oklahoma City to be near my son and my side of the family. Soon after settleing in to OKC my oldest moved back to fl to live with my ex. My new job in OKC pays ok but I am lucky to get 40 hours every week and I havent been able to pay childsupport in 5 months and its killing me. OH my ex's spouse is now retired from the army and hasnt got a job in a year now. I feel horrible but please dont beat me up. I am doing the best I can. I call my sons and tell them I love them every chance I get. I am not living beyond my means at all I rent a 2 bedroom 1000 sq ft house for 575 a month I drive an 87 chevy pickup that is all beat up but runs and is paid off. I do not have internet or cable tv I have no credit cards and basically no credit at all. I cant afford plane tickets for my sons this summer and for the first time since the divorce I wont see them. They are 19, 16, and 13 and I dont have that much time before they are all out of the house. My oldest has a scholarship with the national guard and will start at FSU in the fall. Im so proud of them all. I looked at getting a part time job but my boss said that they highly discourage a second job. My only hope is that Alaska Airlines can do a better job of scheduling their maintenance here in OKC so that I can work more overtime. Oh and yes I did put in through the state of FL to have my chlidsupport reduced because 1 my oldest is over 18 and 2 I dont make 55000 a year anymore.lets see that was put in back in october of last year has anything come of it ? NO

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