my kids are real misbehaved what do I do?


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Brandi - posted on 05/20/2015




I'm sorry, I forgot to put the details!! They are 3 years 4 months old, and the other will be 2 in a little over a month. The 3 year old thanks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, all day long. They are not allowed in the kitchen simply because there's no reason for them to be in the kitchen, and they are both in there constantly. Can't use baby gates cause my dogs food is in the kitchen, and he needs to be able to get in there. The 3 year old talks back to me or dad EVERY TIME we tell him no or to stop, if I say stop he yells "NO! YOU STOP MOMMY!" or if I say no he says "yes! STOP IT MOMMY!" And sometimes he even hits me as he's talking back. He would argue with me for hours if I let him. And the (almost) 2 year old only touches every single thing he knows he isn't allowed to touch, he will climb on toys to get onto the table just to get something he's not supposed to get. or if I leave the remote on the couch and get up, he will run over to it just cause he knows he can't have it. When he gets mad, he will hit anything in reach, he pinches his brother to the point where he will break skin and bleed if I don't stop him in like 3 seconds literally. It's very bad. He also does not stop terrorizing the cat! My cat is dumb and won't move, she just let's him hurt her. and he will also shove his hand/arm in the dogs mouth on purpose just so he will bite him! (The dog doesn't hurt when he bites, it's just a little chewing kind of. I know he won't get hurt I just don't know why he does it?) And sometimes I feel like the 2 year old doesn't even feel pain. Sometimes (very rarely) the cat will claw him when he's being mean to her and he won't cry or show any signs of him feeling pain....maybe he's just really tough. if I put the 2 year old in the corner, he will bite himself and leave marks or sometimes bruises. I don't know why he does this. The 3 year old barely ever eats, I make what he wants to eat every day and he still doesn't eat it. He will take one bite and be done. Idk why? the 2 year old eats everything in sight and is bigger than my 3 year old and much stronger too. I need to get the 3 year old to eat so he grows. I just don't know what to do!

Jodi - posted on 05/18/2015




Consistency in discipline. What are their consequences for behaviour now? And how old are they? You really haven't given a lot of information.

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