My kids father is always down talking me and disrespecting me

Mom Of - posted on 02/20/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




🙄 Well my kids father is always criticizing me from how I choose my hours at work TO my parenting to anything that he can find to say bad about me even my physical features WHICH of course none of this I care about until it's disrespect and done Infront of my kids.. He's always telling them things that a two and one year old shouldn't even hear and gives me no credit NOT that I want it I just honestly rather him leave me alone. I'm tired of dealing with it it stressful enough that I have to basically work my ass for shit my daughters need while he just watches them which is stressful to because I have to hear things like he won't watch them anymore and I'd honestly wish I could have someone else watch them just so he can be out of my face but I can't afford all of these expenses my daughters 3rd birthday is around the corner and I have to do this alone no tax money or nothing the struggle is real... BASICALLY MY QUESTION IS; how don't get this motherfucker to NOT acknowledged me AT ALL lol



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Michelle - posted on 02/21/2016




Are the two of you still together?
If so, I would be leaving. He is abusive and you don't have to stay with someone like that.

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