My kids father of three is a nasty person to me

Tyra - posted on 10/29/2015 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have been with this guy for 14 years have three kids from him 4, 10, 11 he never do anything with us he haven't taking me out in 13 years he only come around me when he want sex or a meal and every time I tell him that I'm not happy with how he is doing me he tells me too find someone else or he would say all i do is argue he sees other women and all and when I try too leave him alone I don't open my door for him and I block his calls and he will get mad with me and send pictures and videos of him and another woman call me names and tells me that he can't see his self with me he bams on my door and call me all types of names he bust my window 4 months ago at my house and didn't bother by getting it fixed it's still broken he don't do anything with my kids but pick them up from school and drop them off home he also has a fb account with his other kids but not mine he post pictures of them all the time what should I do I really need advice thanks


Dove - posted on 10/30/2015




It is much better for your kids to see you call the police on this abusive jerk than for them to think this is the way relationships work. Do you want your daughters to get involved w/ a man like this? Do you want your sons to BE men like this? If you answered no to either of those questions... there is your answer.

Boys and girls raised in this environment are more likely to become abusers and abused themselves.

Amber - posted on 10/30/2015




You are a human being, not a door mat. It would be in your and your childrens best interest if he wasn't in y'alls life. I know its their father and all but he could mess them up mentally.

Raye - posted on 10/30/2015




It's worse for your kids to continue to be in harms way, than for you to call the police on him. You have to show your kids that it's not right for people to treat you like dirt, and that there are consequences for those actions.

Jodi - posted on 10/29/2015




Why on earth are you allowing this man to treat you like this? You need to have more self respect. He is like this towards you because you LET him. Just the fact that you call him "this guy" after 14 years speaks volumes about this toxic relationship. And you aren't living together but he busts into your house?

Time to call it quits. Stop taking him back. Call the police and get a restraining order. File for custody/visitation orders and child support. Block him from your phone and social media.

About the FB account - I don't know what you mean about him having a FB account with his other kids, but your kids are too young to be facebooking anyway.


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Tyra - posted on 10/30/2015




Thanks for your response Jodi but I really don't want to let my kids see me call the police I really don't wanna expose them to that I tell him to take care of his kids only and to leave me alone I give him permission to see his kids and all but he uses them to get to me he stop taking care of my kids I have my kids all year round he never get my kids to spend the weekend or any holidays with him and my oldest is 11 he lies to them a lot they make good grades he tells them he's going to reward them for it but he never does it I'm tired and decided that I'm going through child support he works and he never buy the kids anything..

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