My kids fight constantly

Karen - posted on 02/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I believe the only time they don't fight is when they are asleep and when they are at school and don't see each other. Both of them know that I love them the same and my son is at the age where I'm trying to teach him that he should never ever hit girls even if they are annoying him. He has ADHD and it doesn't seem to be getting through. My daughter on the other hand provokes him to no end and then comes running to tell when he has retaliated. I really need some help on this cause I'm about to go batty.


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I agree with Louise. Just because a brother hits his sister doesn't mean he will hit any other girl. His sister is not a "girl" it is his "sister". I do think however if your daughter does provoke it and he does hit her, they BOTH should be punished. Your daughter for provoking it and your son for hitting. There are better ways to solve issues than hitting. How old are your kids?
I have a 2 1/2 yr old (5/'08) son and a 10mos (3/19) old daughter. He will push her out of the way, and gets a "time out" for it. BUT if she is teasing him (which she does do already) she will get told scolded for teasing him AND he will get a time out for pushing her. I am hoping that this will nip it in the butt before they get older and really start fighting.

Louise - posted on 02/11/2011




This is very common and it does drive you batty. Ask your daughter to stop telling tails on her brother and do not punish him if she has provoked him. She will soon learn that you are not going to respond and she will stop because the older he gets the harder the smacks will be. Do not worry that he will hit girls in the playground because he wont. Most siblings do not see gender he just sees his sister as an annoyance. Try to spend time with them individually as well doing things that they enjoy. If they know they have 100% of your attention at a certain time each day then they are less likely to play up during the day.


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