My kids will be 16 months apart!

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Does anyone have similarly aged children and how did you manage their schedules?


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I have 3 kids, Oldest boy 6 years old middle girl is 5 and youngest is 12 months..
With the oldest being 17 months apart and middle being in NICU for first 6 weeks. My son and I stayed at the hospital the whole 6 weeks she was there he loved to help the nurses. So when we came home it was a life change ... I mean just going from one to two is a shock let alone having them close in age.. some days I said it would have been easier to just have had twins because when ones stops something the next one is just starting to do it... LOL.. However I got it so that they both took at least one nap at the same time so I could get small task done, like starting laundry, doing dishes ect. Then I got it so that I would set my Son with lunch and snack times about 10 to 15 mins before Daughter would be ready to nurse.. Dinner and such I always made the night before so all I had to do was put it in the oven or crockpot.. I always had my Son helping me with things for my daughter, he loved to help and be a big boy.. He would grab diapers, wipes, bottles when they were used, clothes oh how he love to pick her clothes.. LOL... Then bed time well that was a little tricky.. We start at 7:30 - 8:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Daughter got baths and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Son got bath.. While I was doing bath time their daddy would put the other to bed with a story, then put light music in background with a projector... But it would never fail one or the other would not go to sleep our son would come out a good 15 times or more.. Otherwise our daughter would yell or scream, cry.. Now it is nice as the older two are so use to how their routine is they just do it and go to sleep most night some nights they have a million reasons why they can't...
For the most part it is trial and error till you and them get in a good groove... It will happen just takes time and a lot of patience.. That and having snacks the older of the 2 can get if you are busy feeding baby and they think they are starving right then...
Hope this is helpful a little, Take care and best wishes..

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