My Kindergarten son is having trouble following directions

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My son started his kindergarten 3 weeks ago. I got a call from homeroom teacher at my son's kindergarten class today and she wants to meet with us to discuss the plan she came up with to help our son at class.

She said that he has no academic issues at least in her class because he is reading. But he has issue with following directions and he is always two or three steps behind when they are trying to go through classwork. When he should be used to the classroom routine by now, he always asks “What do I do next?”?

This school is very strict and there are 16 kids in the classroom with one teacher. They ONLY give direction ONCE and that's it!!!!! And they stress so much on doing everything on your own to kindergarten students. May be bit too much?

One worksheet had circle and color the things that starts with "B". So he got all right including circle and colored the "baby" in green. The teacher put a comment saying "Green baby? color more realistic color please"!!!

I am so upset about this..... May be the pace in the classroom is too fast?


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How old is your son ? I wonder are the teachers expectations a little unrealistic are you tied to that school the feedback sounds very discouraging and unlikely to promote a love of learning or self esteem my daughter was bullied by a teacher it can happen so bear this in mind and think carefully about leaving him there

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