My Kindergartner Is Struggling With Learning

Diana - posted on 10/22/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is five years old, He is in kindergarten and I feel like he isn't getting it..He doesn't fully know all of his ABC's and although he is having a hard time at home his teacher claims in school he is doing awesome but when I sit with him to go over home work it's a struggle he doesn't reconize his letters the way I feel he should be able to, He will know a letter one night but when we go over it the next night he just looks at me and goes "um.." and won't say the letter like he forgot or something he does it sometimes with numbers too and I don't know how to deal with this, I don't want to push him or push the matter but it's like it's breaking my heart to see him struggle with his school work does anyone have any suggestions how I can make learning easier on him?


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Spring - posted on 10/22/2014




Girl my son w through the same thing an i held him back in kinder garten again an that helped a little bit but i got him tested for dyslexia and other learning disorders. Found out his memory cant retain long term information so he is resource classes along w being in his regular class. This has help so much w his confidence. Get him , tested and go from there. The teacher in his class will set something up for him.

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A lot of kids don't do well with homework because they are tired and unfocused at the end of the school day. You could try reviewing with your son Saturday morning and see if you get better results. If the homework is a battle and your son doesn't seem to be getting much out of it talk to the teacher too though. A lot of schools don't have homework in the lower grades because it's often not productive.

Also, some kids really don't respond well to being quizzed, or being put on the spot. It's possible that your son performs better in lower pressure situations at school. In most kindergartens the kids aren't quizzed, there's just a lot of songs, rhymes, games, worksheets, group activities, and the like that incorporate skills like letter recognition with other things.

The expectations of kindergarten also vary depending on where you live. We've dealt with schools where kids were expected to be reading fluently by the the end of kindergarten, and we've dealt with schools where kids where expected to learn a couple letters and letter sounds a month and reading wasn't really worked on until grade 1. Some of the kids were reading before grade 1, but kids who were not reading yet weren't considered behind - and in those kindergartens kids weren't expected to recognize all the letters in October.

The most important thing your child can take away from kindergarten is liking school. If he's happy and feels successful I wouldn't worry too much about things like letter recognition right now.

Lastly, kids don't learn from being quizzed. If you want to help your son at home come up with some fun activities he enjoys doing with you...

Get two sets of alphabet magnets and stick them on the fridge. Play a game where you pick a letter and tell him the name or the sound, and he has to find the matching letter to make a pair.

Look at the alphabet and figure out which letters you can make with your fingers, or with your bodies laying on the floor. Make alphabet cookies. Make letters out of playdoh.

Casually point out things that look like letters and hopefully he will start to do the same thing. A wheel is like an O, etc... There's an alphabet book where the letters or photographed or painted from street scapes and our kids really liked finding how the letters were made or hidden in everyday things:

Oh, and read to your son a lot. Being read to helps kids learn to read themselves later by improving their vocabulary, general knowledge, listening skills, ability to anticipate words, etc.

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