My late talker toddler

Raquel - posted on 02/13/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My toddler is 27 months & her famous word for everything is Da. She recently tries to say apple but you have to separate the word like "a-pple", she says mama, papa, boo, & sometimes nonono. She is going to Gymboree playgroup, & her social skills are great. I do a lot of floor time with her & she knows all of the flash cards that we have bought her. She can pick any card that you ask her to, practically she does everything and more but her speech is not great. She sometimes gets frustrated when I try to teach her but it seems like she tries to say it. Was your toddler a late talker and then suddlendly started on his or her own? Any words of encouragement will help..... & yes we have spoken to her pediatrician and he did the autism exam & she passed with flying colors.


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Raquel - posted on 08/20/2014




Hello Gail, it has been a while since i came on here but i will gladly give you an update about Emma. She is now 4 years old and she does talk! She is still behind and slowly progressing but she understands so much and repeats anything. It is so unreal how then she was struggling to even call me mommy but after time has passed, me working with her, her having therapy for almost a year with early intervention (which helped some) and her just growing up, she is slowly getting the hand of being more vocal. She still has issues comprehending questions and answering them but i am just giving her time, that does not mean that i don't get down on myself and get a bit frustrated about the whole situation but as i look back on how bad it was then and how it is now i can just say she will do just fine and thank God. I recently took her to a pathologist actually and had told them to review her speech and i also had told them that early intervention had diagnosed her with mild apraxia and actually the pathologist said she does not have apraxia and doubts she ever did, that she probably only needed time because every child is different, she only has a mild delay but as she grows up she will eventually get there. if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, i know how frustrating, sad and depressing it can be; it was such a difficult time in my life and i was very hard on myself. I'm here if you need anything!

Tee - posted on 02/14/2012




Has she has a hearing test. Did she have a lot of ear infections? My middle was a late talker and needed speech therapy due to chronic ear infections.

Kaitlin - posted on 02/13/2012




personally, my first son (same age) has been talking since around his second birthday- we will have to see about his brother (16 months currently) and his next sibling (we don't know the sex yet, lol).

But, I have LOTS of friends who have kids this age, and some of them are ahead of Will and some are far behind him, barely speaking but obviously understanding everything. I wouldn't worry- I bet one day she'll just start speaking in whole paragraphs!

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