My little boy is drinking less and refuses more, but then cries an hour or two later. He is 4 weeks old is this common and do you give in and breastfeed him or do you let him cry it out?


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User - posted on 09/09/2012




Feed him whenever he wants. If you leave too long between feeds your supply will drop.

A - posted on 08/31/2012




Hi there, I think it depends on whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding. I read you cannot "overfeed" your baby if you are breast feeding so go ahead and enjoy nursing him as much as he wants. Make sure all other items are checked off such as whether he is just sleepy, too hot/cold, has gas or needs a diaper change. If all these variables are checked off then you can reassure yourself that he wants to nurse. I read an excellent piece on motherhood which I'll look for and share with you. It definitely helped ease my anxiety when it came to breast feeding my little guy. He's 9 weeks old now.

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