my little champ is 1 and half years but still cannot speak what should i do?


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Ask his pediatrician to refer you to Early Intervention or another speech therapist for an evaluation. Kids all develop at different rates, and there are some who are not speaking *a lot* at 18 months and have no problem catching up. But if he is not talking *AT ALL* or not at least up to the minimum expectation of 18 month benchmarks, then he probably needs the help of a speech therapist to catch up. An evaluation by an expert will determine if he needs that extra help. The sooner you know for sure, the better, especially if you go through EI, because they only work with the child until age three.

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Does he have a pacifier or something he has in his mouth a lot? Because it they have a pacifier in there mouth they are less likely to take it out just to talk.If not maybe take him to a child specialist or a doctor,

Try to focus on one word and get him to say that something simple like mommy,tree or daddy something thats not to hard and show him it a lot and say it more than usual and he might just pick it up.

Maybe reward him say mommy will give you a M&M if you say this word but only do that if you know he is capable of doing that if you don't think he is don't do it because it will only frustrate him more.

Good luck.Wishing you an dour son the best.

Ps.My son Kaden didn't speak a lot until he was about 1.5 he said very very few words and not very often it's not a given for them to be very talk a Tive he is still quite young even now my sons are 2 and don't talk all day everyday hey can have conversations and tell you what they want etc but don't expect for him to say heaps straight away.

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