my little girl cyrene is two months now she is totally on breast feeding i tried to introduce bottel but she refuse it .itried every thing i red about nothing work iam very frustrated since i will return to work next month how can i let her starving


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Sarah - posted on 04/03/2012




i will not give up i will try to use all kinds of nipples as u said but using spoon is very time consumed no one will accept to take care of cyrene while iam at work. thx alot for sharing ideas with me its very supportive

Dianne - posted on 04/02/2012




I had the same problem with my son and he only ended up accepting one type of nipple which I got at the supermarket, not even a bottle brand but fit any narrow neck bottle. I had to try a lot of different shaped ones and to save money just bought one of the nipples and put them on the bottles I had, wide or narrow neck, not always a good fit but enough to see if he would take it. I had pretty much given up when I finally found 'the one'

I know some people also spoon feed or use a cup to feed their babies instead of a bottle

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