My little preschooler is hit by her autistic classmate

Sophie - posted on 03/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My little girl is hit by a little boy in her preschool. She used to complain initially and I didn't pay much attention. But once when I watched them play in the playground, I realized that the boy was really using a lot of force. He is well built for his age and when he pushes or pulls my girl who is tiny, she is not able to cope up. I tried to speak to the teachers and the preschool director. They keep saying that the boy is getting better every day. They say his speech is not normally developed. I tried to speak to the child' s mom but she was so defensive. She says she cannot help it because he would not listen. My child loved to go to preschool but now she says she doesn't want to go because the other child hits her all the time. This is a stressful situation for me.


Dove - posted on 03/12/2014




If the teachers and the preschool director are not willing to protect the children in their care... your daughter needs to go to a different preschool where she will be safe.

Yes, kids hit/push/etc... it is a normal behavior, but if it is not being addressed w/ this little boy EVERY time and they are not taking steps to prevent the behavior and protect all of the children in their care... they are failing all of the kids and I wouldn't want my child to be a part of that environment.

Either that or tell your daughter to knock the boy on his butt... That might teach him since no one else seems willing to do anything... lol

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