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Since the day that my daughter was born my MIL and GMIL have been driving me completly insane. I dont even know to start...
1. When we learned I was pregnant my MIL gave the fetus a nickname "PeeWee" my partner and I didnt like the name but went along with it as we figured once the baby is born she will use the child's name.... well that didn't happen. My daughter is now turning 3yo and after visits with my MIL she tells me that her name isn't Ruby its PeeWee - I feel liek this women is brain washing my child
seconds aftermy daughter was born my mil took the newborn photos and posted them on FB for the world the see without mine or my partners permission these were very explicted photos which were of my daughter seconds after being born (not yet even cleaned)

2. about a week after my daughter was born I went to register her, only to get a phone call from my GMIL telling me that she has applied for a copy of my daughters birth certificate, I told her not to and that I was not comfortable with what she was doing - she then went to my partners work and made him sign a piece of paper giving them permission to get the birth certificate - it was only after I had arranged for Births Deaths and Marriages to decline the application and cease and destroy all applicantion paperwork she had - that I found out that they only wanted the birth certificate to apply for grand parental rights to my child.
They have never and will never be told that they cannot have access to my daughter if they want to see her it will be on my terms and not theres - but was it necessary for them to go so far to try and take me to court to see her????

3. after a number of hurtful incidents my partner and I decided to cut his mother out of our lives, we told her she could see our daughter any time that she wanted but that we did not want to have a relationship with her.

4. when my mil got sick we went to see her befor her operation, which was basically the day we started to talk again, to begin with everything went smoothly she was being nice - the nickname stuck around and she also had it tattooed on her wrist. . . . .
about a month went by and my mil dog decided to have a munch on my daughters arm he didnt pierce her skin buy left a nice bruise - the first time I thought its not too bad I dont want to hurt anyones feelings ill let it go - the dog recieved no punishment but my daughter was told off for touching him - she had only turned 2 a short time before so its wasn't like she was able to understand my mil very well.
on almost every visit my mil would yell and scream at my daughter for whatever reason she was never interested in spending any quality time with her moslty she would sit on her phone and go on ebay and facebook. my daughter continued to get bitten my my mil dog only the last time he did it her he ripped the inner lining of her nose open and she bled for about 5-6mins before it stopped I rushed my daughter to the hospital and she had to have a shot and oral medication prescribed.
Another nasty that she has began to do is call my partner bad names infront of our daughter - this has happened twice - the first time she told my daughter that her father was a dickhead and then told her to call him daddy dickhead. the second time she did this she called him a chicken shit for him not wanting to speak to her. I dont know why she thinks that this is okay - and where the hell do I draw the line?

my mil contnues to make my self and my partner seem like these horrible people that wont allow her to see her grandchild - but she never spends time with her when she is around, she is never copmes by our place to see her we always have to go to her, she plays the victim constantly to all of her friends and to people we both know just to make them feel sorry for her -
I need help how and what am I surposed to do from here????

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