My mom and I got issue. Please help me.

Charity - posted on 05/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello moms! I'm 22 when I gave birth to my son. My husband & I both have works then but earn just enough for our daily expenses and provide for the needs of our baby. For short, we are not yet stable & ready to have a family but we are trying our best. After nearly 2 years my parents send me back to school (med school) with the hope of giving me a better future. That sounds really good but my struggle now is my mom always makes me feel she is still ashamed to everyone of what happened to me and that she just send me to school again to regain her pride. How do I deal with this??? It hurts me a lot when she does this everytime we argue. It's like her saying, this is what I get for marrying at an early age. I admit I'm wrong. I must have followed all her teachings before. But is it too much to ask from her MORE UNDERSTANDING and 101% ACCEPTANCE of my situation? I love my mom but I don't know..I feel unloved! Please, I want to hear from you. Help me clear my thoughts & feelings. I love my family especially my son!!! I don't regret having him as a son. He's amazing!

Thank you for taking time to read & I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment. Advance Happy Mother's Day!

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