My mom is watching my son & its a NIGHTMARE!

Roxi - posted on 09/14/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay, so my mom has been watching my son (just turned 3 months) since I started working again. She only watches him on Mondays but sometimes she likes to have him stay Sunday night that way she has him in the morning and doesn't have to drive to my house to pick him up. She was really good with Nicholas at first...but then she got lazy and really REALLY annoying.

I'm not "Mother of the Year" by any means. Sometimes, after a hard days work, I use a blanket to prop up his bottle so I dont have to feed him. I don't wash all the germs off of his pacifiers when they hit the, I put them in MY mouth and then back in his. (Nicholas has yet to get sick, Knock on wood) But a lot of the times when I get him back, she has him in the hottest fucking outfit possible and he sweats like crazy anyways; she gives him back to me with a full diaper (pee AND poop) and she feeds him only.HALF of what I feed him on a regular basis.

I'm not one to confront somebody like my mom. She's too dramatic and self-centered. But she's really starting to piss me and my husband off. I want her too keep watching Nicholas because he loves seeing her but what's the point if she's going to neglect him. I don't want her babysitting time to be her "me time" anymore.


Michelle - posted on 09/14/2014




You need to let her know what you expect her to do or pay someone who is qualified to look after him.
Let her know that if she doesn't want to look after him the way you want then you will pay someone to.

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