My Mother and her "Psychic"

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Hello Ladies,
I need suggestions on how to tell my mother to back off, but in a nice way. I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second son, and she has been convinced this entire time that we are having a girl.

We recently have gone to a 3D ultrasound, and it was confirmed in 3D there was a penis on my child!
Apparently she went to a Psychic, and she has told her that there is an arrival of a girl in September (my due date is in September).

We are just happy to be able to be pregnant after three years of infertility and finally conceiving on treatments. We were hoping towards a little girl, but we are thankful to be able to have another child at all. For the first couple weeks I had struggled with knowing the gender for a couple different reasons:
1) because our first son is Autistic (Autistic rate rises in male siblings), and
2) it would have been nice to experience life with a little girl as well. Everyone in our families said it "felt" like a girl so we kinda jumped the gun with our expectations.

Now I am getting kinda perturbed. I am adjusting well to the idea of adding another energetic boy to our family, and it makes me frustrated and stressed out that she is still convinced it is a girl. I don't want to leave one shred of doubt in my mind that it is a boy. I don't want it to affect my bonding process with her trying to convince me it still could be a girl.
She is really into the whole "Horoscope/ Taro Card" thing, so I feel like this will really convince her.. and I just don't want to hear it.

How can I tell her to piss off without hurting her feelings?
Any advice will help.


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Refer her to either or She can learn all about 'psychics' and 'mediums' there.

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I just thought this was important to reiterate "Unfortunately some people just can't get it through their heads that someone elses pregnancy is not all about them" Nicely said Kelina.

I would not be to concerned about hurting her feelings if she keeps on hurting yours. Not an eye for an eye, but it might take a sort of slap in the face to wake her up. Tell her to back off.

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Just tell your mom 'When born under Venus look for the penis'. Then show her the 3D picture and see if she can find it.

Oddly enough DH and I thought our baby was going to be a boy, but when we asked his dad he said 'girl' and last year we had a girl. My FIL has a 4 out of 4 rate. But I do feel for you.

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Would it be possible to post pictures? From what I've heard there's far less room for error with the 3D ultrasounds. You can try telling her that she's welcome to her opinion and you'll be overjoyed if it is a girl but you have enough on your mind without her trying to convince you it's a girl when the ultrasound says it's a boy. Have you tried telling her your thoughts and fears about having a boy? Or that it's difficult for you to listen to her saying it's a girl when you feel like you should be preparing for a boy and all the difficulties that could arise with him? I hope you find something that works. Unfortunately some people just can't get it through their heads that someone elses pregnancy is not all about them. If that winds up being the case, don't feel too bad if you lose your temper and say something. That actually ended up being what it took with my mom and my parenting decisions.


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I would go with Michelles.... well MY psychic says it's a boy!

Michelle - posted on 06/11/2012




Have you shown her the ultrasound that shows the penis?

I really have no idea on how to change her mind, maybe tell her that your psychic told you it's a boy.

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