My mother in law always look for something to make trouble

Lauren - posted on 09/14/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am married to an only son, we both were married before. My mother in law is forever looking for something to make me bad. My husband is very close to his family and at times he works with his dad weekend at their home I feel he is there too much. I know if must go there too but when were there my kids must sit like they in jail there they cant do this or that. Now weekend pass I told her my husband is there the whole weekend, he didn't tell me he is helping his dad and yes the communication had to be from him directly. As soon as he come from them they would phone home immediately the minute he set foot in the house. She told me a lot of bad things that I didn't expect from her today. she said I have a chick to tell him everything and I must f** out of her life. I was not rude at all. She even questioned me not even asking if it is true that I was apparently on this dating, this is now soon after he was cheating, and we worked things through. She said to me are you on this Is just of what he did. I was never rude to her. she is forever involving herself. her daughter and son in law has divorced now due to this too.

I don't what to lose my husband, through all this I still tell him they are your parents. He was married before and it was not through me that they divorced. There are times she was nice and ok with me. she even told me she will forever be his mother if she don't want me to be her child.
I feel she waited for this to tell what she thinks.

My husband said he don't care I am stil lhis wife. I don't want to him choose.
But I feel broken.


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Jodi - posted on 09/14/2015




Your mother-in-law can only get between you and your husband if the two of you let her. Why are you giving her so much power? This is an issue between you and your husband - he needs to step up so the two of YOU can discuss this issue. It isn't your mother-in-laws fault he spends his entire weekend there - that's HIS choice. You need to talk to HIM and hold HIM accountable for that.

Lisa - posted on 09/14/2015




Hi Lauren,
It is difficult when your MIL gets between you and your DH. I am sorry for the struggles you are having. These kind of troubles have been going on for hundreds of years, you are not alone. It sounds like you need some good boundaries with your in laws. Can you talk with your husband about those boundaries? What is important to you? Here is an article that might be of help Hugs mama, sorry for your struggles.

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