My mother's what is the one thing for you that make you happy to be a mother?

Sandy - posted on 11/14/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




we have the name mummy, mom,ma,mother etc and to hear it the first time put the biggest smile on your face, but what make u happy tat u have decided to become a mother.


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Angela - posted on 11/14/2009




My mom has 6 girls and 1 boy and she would always say to the girls that she would want each of us to have at least one child so that we would understand the difference between true love and pure love. There is a difference and to me, the true love part is what exists between my husband and I and the extent of that "truth of love" between us is what led us to want to experience love at a different level. My mom was really do experience pure love.

Charlotte - posted on 11/14/2009




There are loads of things for me. I love it when my 6 month old smiles at me, giggles and laughs, I love waking up and hearing her jabering to herself and her cuddly toys in her room, I love watching her try to roll over (even though she gets annoyed with herself cos she can't make it all the way). I love so much about being a Mummy that my list could go on and on.

Anneke - posted on 11/14/2009




It is a hard question to answer. There's not just one thing. It's the moment when your child reads to you without help. When he brings home a prefect spelling test in grade 1. When your kids are playing together nicely. The welcome you get when you walk in the door, even if it was after going to the store. The cuddles, hugs, kisses and I love yous from out of the blue. The peaceful, angelic look when they are asleep. That's not even everything!! lol.

Chandrika - posted on 11/14/2009




That big smile and hug that your child greets you with even if you were out of sight for a few minutes...
I don't think anybody can communicate so much love and happiness at your mere presence that your child can...

Emma - posted on 11/14/2009




everything theres not one thing i can single out ... i can look at my son when hes sleeping, in pictures, just thinking about him makes me cry with joy at times!!!! I think thats one question you cant really answer :D x

Carly - posted on 11/14/2009




I know this might sound weird, but watching my 5 year old actually reading a book to her little sister on the couch and wanting to teach her everything she knows makes all the late nights worth it. Just watching the little moments that bring tears to my eyes.

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