My Mother was why can't I be perfect?!

Jennalyn - posted on 01/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 30. I had my first child four years ago and last year was blessed with another. I feel like I put a lot of unnessary pressure on myself because my mother is just a heavy influence on my life. I was never good at being organize, structured or routine...try as my mother might have to instill these successful life traits on me. I always thought I would simply one day grow into being "Martha Stewart" and now a few year latter I am shocked to find that I am not any better at keeping things in their place. Parts of me feel like I am doing my kids a disservice because I am not better organized and keep to a predicable routine for all of us to follow. I've had a really hard week. My husband recently got promoted so he's been working a lot of hours. I am full time on the parenting and staying at home which normally is blissful, but my youngest has been voicing his opinon...LOUDLY! And I can't seem to discourage his screaming. I am ending my day now feeling very frazzled, and the house unkempt. I think more then anything I want to end the inner battles I fight with myself and enjoy the outside world as best I can.


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Michelle - posted on 01/16/2015




Firstly, stop comparing yourself to your Mother. You are your own person!!!
I know when we think back on our childhood we think our Mothers were amazing to be able to everything as well as be there for us but the reality is usually different.
I know my own Mother spent so much time cleaning and making sure everything was spotless that us children had to entertain ourselves most of the time.
I make sure my house is neat but it's still "lived in". I don't live in a show home and I have 3 children that don't like to tidy up after themselves. As long as the house isn't dirty (as in the floors are vacuumed and mopped regularly) then it doesn't matter. My children take priority over housework. I don't want to look back at my children's younger years and wish I had spent more time with them instead of having a spotless house.
To help you with organization though, write out a list of things you would like to achieve each day/week, prioritize them in what needs to be done over what you want to be done. Don't worry if you don't get to do everything in that day though, your children need you more than the shelves need dusting.

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