My name is Mayra im a mother of 4 and expecting my 5th any day now, im going through a difficult situation right now with my daughters biolical father, but my most important question at the moment is, if my boys are at a right age for me to explain that their sister has a different dad than theirs, ive told them she leaves to a frie ds house when she has to go everyother weekend and sometimes they ask how come she can go to a friends and stay the night and not us, i just think its time but i have no clue to how to explain, theyre 5, 6, and 8... Help pls...


Michelle - posted on 12/24/2012




My 3year old has always known my son has a different father than her. I told her in really simple terms that before Wyatt was a baby mommy was married to someone else but we didn't get along very well so we decided to be apart and then daddy and mommy met and now we are all a happy family didnt' take much explanation at all. Just tell them the truth.

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