My nephew is 6 , his counselor told his parents to always let him win at games , I dont think that right opinions please


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It depends on the child. It is impossible to answer this question without knowing more about what issues the child is with, why they are in counseling in the first place.
Normally developing kids need to lose in order to learn to lose gracefully, to deal with the emotions that come with failure. Though in games that depend more on skill than luck, like chess or mancala, the adult cannot expect the child to compete on their level and should adjust their skill accordingly. When the child is young, play at a lower skill level, increasing difficulty as the child grows and learns.

That said, most children who are developing normally are not in counselling--kids in counselling are there because they are having some sort of mental or emotional issue, so depending on that child's issues, letting the child win could have a positive effect on their treatment. Many children are so emotionally insecure that a loss in a boardgame can have emotional effects that last for weeks--those kids need to win in order to gain that confidence. Once they've reached that step, they can move on to learning to lose.

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