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My younger sister has a 24 year old, a 20 year old and a six year old. She is incredibly stereotypical doting mom, and the little five year old, a boy, is incredibly spoiled. But he is also incredibly slow, clumsy, attention span of about two minutes, speech so bad I can't understand a word he says. She keeps comparing him to my three year old granddaughter, saying he is keeping up with her.

My granddaughter is bright, but she's not a rocket scientist, and she's already surpassing him. This is frustrating to him and he has become aggressive towards her.

I have tried to talk to my sister about it and she gets hysterical. Its the "schools" fault that he has been in kindergarden and doesn't know his alphabets or numbers. I've been nice, I've been mean. Nothing is getting through to her and he is falling further and further behind.


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