My Nine year old daughter gaining fat at belly and back , how can i resume her?

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She is quite taking food's a little lot, and also she is refused to doing any kind of activities to reduce the fats. i am so worried about her , we are in remote area and no neighborhood children around us to play with her. can anyone help me out how can i co-operate with her with this to reduce fat?


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My daughter stacked on a bit of weight recently (she is 8) and she has a pretty healthy diet. However, between 8 and 12, from my experience (I work with young teens/tweens) girls experience HUGE upward growth. Most of the girls at age 12 tower over the boys. I've also seen my daughter grow quite a bit in the last couple of months - she has gone through 4 clothes sizes in 6 months purely because she is too tall for them. Most of her friends are going through a similar pattern.

So basically, make sure her diet is healthy (plenty of fresh fruit and veg, not so much of the sugars and fats) and it will sort itself out.

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Try not to focus on her weight too much, a lot of kids put on a bit of weight right before a growth spurt, then they slim down as they get taller. At 9, she's probably about to hit one.

That said, all kids (and adults) should be getting some kind of physical activity everyday. Can you put her in a sport--dance, gymnastics, soccer, or something of the like? Sports are a great source of physical activity because they are fun, but they also have other benefits like building strong friendships, self confidence, and sportsmanship skills.

And I suppose it goes without saying to watch what she eats--make sure her diet is very heavy in veggies (3/4 of every meal should be veggies (but not potatoes)), and very light in dairy, red meats, and carbohydrates. She should get moderate amounts of fruits and proteins. Follow the food pyramid, but cut down on simple sugars, starches, carbs, etc if she is not going to be very active.

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My nine year old girl says "she's starving!" I know she's Not! She's always hungry and eats like her meal will be taken way! What can I do??

Lalitha - posted on 10/25/2013




Thank you Jodi,

I really thought i make my daughter a bit tough about her weight gain but after your advice i understand it is common for all girls in that kind of age. I will make her diet cover most of veggies. thank you for your advice once again. i feel better now.

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