my oldest son is 11 and weight 133lbs..some food tips plz


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Louise - posted on 07/14/2012




Cut down on carbohydrates so limit, pasta, potatoes and rice to a minimum. Never fry foods only grill or bake. Give him plenty of roast chicken and salads or char grilled fresh vegetables. Do not give him burgers or sausages or anything that has been processed try and use natural meats. If you are going to use minced beef then dry fry and pour away any access fat before adding any sauces to it. Try and swop milk to semi skimmed or skimmed milk and dont give cheese unless less fat.

Breakfast could be weetabix and a banana, lunch could be pitta breads stuffed with chicken salad and a low fat spread. Give baked crisps if he likes crisps and not fried ones and again fruit. For dinner could be pasta bake like a small amount of pasta with a tomato based sauce bulked out with dry fried mince and vegetables (courgettes, carrots, cellery) Pudding low fat yoghurt, or a small cereal bar.

Just make sure that his drinks are not adding silly calories to his diet. Check sugar contents and always use sugar free pops and flavoured waters. You have to remember that a small glass of fizzy pop has 8 teaspoons of sugar in it. Sugar turns to fat. It is so easy to pile on the pounds just by drinking fruit juice and pop.

Then try and wear him out, swim, playing football, bike rides anything to burn off the calories he has eaten in the day. If you change the whole family to healthy eating foods he wont feel picked on and will do much better losing the weight. Get him to lose weight without feeling pressured to do so. Try and instigate that the whole family goes for a bike ride or swims. Lead by example.

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