My one year and six months old baby doesnt want to brush his teeth,is it okay?


Jessie - posted on 01/28/2014




hi you should persevere, it is definitely important to teach them to brush teeth at an early age.

although at this young age it isnt as important as when they get their adult teeth.

you could take him to the supermarket, point out the toothbrushes & toothpaste and let him choose his very own favorite character toothbrush. i did this with my little one around this age.

buy some baby toothpaste.

i used it find that letting them have the toothbrush in the shower or bath really helped. squeeze a little toothpaste on and let him go for it.

or if all else fails just do it for him...just before bed give them a gentle brush, make it fun & part of his bedtime routine.

good luck.

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