my one year old daughter is running a fever of 102 since this morning i gave her motrin at 11 am and it brought it down some then at 5 i checked it again and its back up so i gave her tylonal at 530 and put her in a warm bath hoping it would come down and its now 8 pm here and her fever is still around 102 what should i do should i carry her to the er?


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A fever is going to come back once the medication wears off.

If you have a nurses line to call (the number is often on the insurance card), start there. If you don't have a nurses line through her insurance, then call a local urgent care clinic in the morning.

In the mean time keep up with the motrin, and change from a submerging bath to a sponge bath. Use cold water and rub her back, wrists, chest, and head. Focus of keeping her wrists cold. I realize that sounds weird, but the blood vessels are closet to the skin at the wrists, you will then be working on lowering the temperature of her blood thus lowering her over all temp, instead of aiding perspiration.

Brittney - posted on 08/17/2012




How long has she had this fever? more than 72 hours a doctor needs to see her.

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