my one year old son hides in the corner when hes pooping, pulls on his diaper when its wet, i ve already shown him his potty but i want tips on how to potty train him..


Kaitlin - posted on 08/13/2012




those are great signs that he's getting ready and more aware of his body, but he may still have a ways to go before he's ready to potty train. Keep doing what you are doing. When he's able to know before he pees or poos (not just as he poops or after he pees) it will be much more obvious. Has he talked to you about that? Is he verbal yet (this helps a lot)? Boys can take a little while longer to potty train. Is his diaper wet after naps and after bed, or is it usually dry (a big signal he is ready is that he'll wake up dry- ie, he's aware of how to hold it)

He's only one. The normal age for a boy to potty train is around 2 1/2 to 3. You've still got quite some time.

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