my partner doesnt help, he works 3nights 12hour shifts aweek and when he's home all he does is sleep leaving me to look after are newborn, my 7yr old and my 11yr old, i do everythimg around the house in reguards to cooking cleaning shopping aswell as doing the nights with are newborn and going on between 3-5 hours sleep. ive tried talking to him about it but all i get is your on maternity you dont do anything maybe you should try working 12 hour anight. when we meet i worked 50hour weeks, a single mum raising my 2 children. i thought it was going to be different as he made family life sound amazing the way he say things but now i now i feel like his mum, cook and cleaner and that hes just here coz its easy and convenient not becoz he loves me or he wouldnt treat me the way he does. i really could do with some advice as i want us to be a family but its going to end with us spliting as i cant take no more.


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Meagan - posted on 08/14/2012




I know how that is .. My husband is a mail carrier and he gets home all I can get him to do is make a bottle ... I get up and put both kids to bed and I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 3month old .. And I am exhausted most of the time and he expects the whole house to be spotless when he gets home ... He doesn't understand the stress I go threw everyday.. He won't help with anything he has never got up with the baby all I can get him to do is make a couple of bottles......

Michelle - posted on 08/14/2012




What does he do the other 4 nights a week that he doesn't work? Maybe you could give him a bill for all the work you do around the house or even just leave him to deal with it all for a couple of nights. Maybe take the newborn with you though.

I really don't know because my husband does so much. He does all the laundry, dishes and bathes our daughter every night. He also picks up my boys from training and takes them to games when I'm working.

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