My partner had a verectomy with his ex wife..

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I met my partner through my mum and her friend he is 20 years older then me but we get on really well and I've never been so happy in my life even with problems we have from his ex.. Well anyway we got to know each other and we ended up sleeping together on the first date well we stayed up all night and because we spoke and got to know each other first I'd thought I lay on the line on what I want in the future.. And I also told him the most i would like is another child and he agreed even tho he's got 4 2other relationships.. Well few weeks went by and he told me that he had A verectomy when he was with his ex wife just after they had there 3rd child same ages as my little girl.. I wS gutted but he did say if we get on and out relationship lasts we will lol at getting it reversed.. Well 2yeara down the line and we've had arguments about her because she's always controlling around when it comes to kids and she wants her way all the time with my partner and everything the usual.. But I've mentioned about wanting a baby a few times and all he does is says yea he look into and never does I've told him if he don't want to do and have a child the. I can go and pay for a doner and go that way around it.. But he still insists not to do it that way.. It always seem that when we've got the money to do something about it he has to think of other stuff to do and spend it like holidays and doing day trips and that all the time when we have his kids which is understandable I get that and I love it to because of my little girl but every week no.. I just don't know how to go round it nomore part of me just wants to do it myself and go and get it all done because it's like he don't want the hassle of it all no more and I get that because he's 40 and I'm 21 but I have said I don't mind if he don't want another child as long as he tells me I'd understand but it's like he's getting my hopes up just to keep onto me because we are happy and he knows this is the only subject that will kill us.. I'm even worse when I see baby's I just soo broody all the time it's unreal
Advice please x


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WTF? He is 20 years older than you and you are 21 and have been seeing him for at least 2 years?

Do I even need to go there??

He does not want children with you. And even if he need to get your own life (which it seems like you don't have). This man is WAY too old for you. Ask yourself where you think this relationship will be 20 years from now when you are 40 and he is 60.

Oh, that's right, you won't be able to answer that......because to you 40 and 60 is about the same.

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