My period is 4 months late and I am not pregnant, can I still get pregnant?

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Hi, I am 28 yrs old. I have missed my periods for 4 months. And now I am planning to get pregnant for first time.Will I get pregnant????
How will I get to know my ovulation date.?


Liz - posted on 02/15/2013




You'll have to speak to an OB and do some tests to find out why, as Cecilia says. Most conditions that cause amenorrhoea (the technical term for lack of a monthly period in the absence of pregnancy) will also interfere with pregnancy. In any case, you need to see the doctor to exclude some of the more sinister, though admittedly rarer, potential causes.

Possible causes include stress, poor nutrition, depression, drugs, extreme weight loss, hormone imbalance, thyroid gland disorders or a certain type of tumour on the brain or ovaries. None of these bode well for chances of conception, so do get yourself checked out.


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Jodi - posted on 02/15/2013




In addition to what the other ladies have to say, even if you COULD get pregnant right now, you should get it checked out before you do, because not having a period for 4 months could be a result of other issues that need to be investigated and treated.

Cecilia - posted on 02/15/2013




well you need to talk to your ob and figure out why you're missing your periods. In some cases it would make it much harder to get pregnant. My one friend has a condition i forget the name but basically she has 3-4 periods a year. She has too much testosterone and thus becoming pregnant would mean she need to go through fertility treatments so she can raise her estrogen levels.

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